Pink Martini´s first single from their hit album Get Happy becomes their first vinyl 7" ever! "Zundoko-bushi," originally made famous by the Japanese band The Drifters in 1969, is based on a devastating anonymous Japanese text about a soldier saying goodbye forever at the train station, and the woman he leaves behind writing love letters with her tears. But the joyous bombastic arrangement transforms the song into a water-skiing samurai-spy lounge-surf mega-hit, featuring exotic instruments like the sitar and flexatone. Pink Martini rarely dips into their vaults to present unreleased tracks; happily they were inspired to release B-side "Foxy Strut," a joyous horn-driven Herb Alpert-inspired piece of instrumental candy named after China Forbes´ dog Foxy.

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"Zundoko-bushi" Single / 7" Vinyl