Widely considered to be the Barbara Streisand of Japan, Saori Yuki released her debut album in Japan in 1969 and has gone on to make over 30 albums in her 42 year-career. Yuki discovered Pink Martini after the band covered her song "Taya tan" for their 2007 album Hey Eugene! Most recently, Yuki sang a verse of "White Christmas" in Japanese for the band's hit 2010 holiday album, Joy To The World.

In honor of the year of her debut release, Saori Yuki partnered with Pink Martini and producer Thomas M. Lauderdale to create a loving tribute to the music released in 1969. Featuring Japanese pop hits alongside internationally recognized tunes like Jorge Ben's "Mas que nada" and "Puff the magic dragon", 1969 is a brilliant collaboration, with Thomas M. Lauderdale's magical arrangements, Pink Martini's stellar musicianship, and Saori Yuki's soaring vocals.

1969 is available on a high-quality 180 gram vinyl LP and includes a FREE MP3 digital download of the album.

Track Listing:

01. Yuuzuki (Evening moon)
02. Mayonaka no bossa nova (midnight bossa nova)
03. Du soleil plein les yeux (Eyes full of sun)
04. Puff, the magic dragon
05. Ii janaino shiawase naraba (It’s okay if I’m happy)
06. Blue light Yokohama
07. Yoake no scat (Melody for a new dawn)
08. Mas que nada
09. Is that all there is?
10. Watashi mo anata to naite Ii? (Consolation)
11. Wasuretainoni (I want to forget you, but...)
12. Kisetsu no ashioto (Footsteps of the seasons)