Je n'en crois pas mes oreilles! All of Pink Martini's French songs from its entire discography collected on one très sympathique compilation and signed by the whole band, the perfect gift for the Francophile, French student, or Paris-bound traveler in your life. "Non Ouais" includes some of this "little orchestra"'s biggest international hits, including "Sympathique (Je ne veux pas travailler)", nominated for Song of the Year in France. Featuring special appearances by French stars Georges Moustaki and Philippe Katerine. Play it at your next dinner party... Ça te dit?

  1. Joli garçon (from Je dis oui!)
  2. Sympathique (Je ne veux pas travailler) (from Sympathique)
  3. Où est ma tête? (from Splendor in the Grass)
  4. Le premier bonheur du jour (from Dream a Little Dream)
  5. Je ne t’aime plus (from Get Happy)
  6. Souvenir (from Je dis oui!)
  7. Dansez-vous (from Hang on Little Tomato)
  8. Syracuse (from Hey Eugene!)
  9. Fini la musique (from Je dis oui!)
  10. Autrefois (from Hang on Little Tomato)
  11. Ma solitude (from A Retrospective)
  12. Cet homme au grand sombrero (from A Retrospective)